“The Philadelphia Eagles take down the Falcons and Vikings in pursuit of winning their first Lombardi trophy vs. the AFC Champion Patriots!”

If you were living under a rock this season or one of the ones protesting the NFL because of the players National Anthem protest, you would think that you were reading an old headline from Championship Sunday, 2004. Well guess what, you’re not!

The NFL has gone full circle the past decade, with several teams rising and falling, and one team mostly rising (Yeah, those darn Patriots). The Philadelphia Eagles went from consistent contenders to firing Andy Reid, rebuilding under the “revolutionary” Chip Kelly, to rebuilding again (rather quickly) under Doug Pederson with Howie Roseman running the show behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have gone to 5 more Super Bowls since their Super Bowl XXXIX victory over the Eagles, winning 3 of them (Thanks to Eli Manning).

Come February 4th, 2018, the Patriots will look to repeat history and kickstart another decade of dominance. The Eagles will go into their 3rd consecutive post season game this year rated as underdogs, despite owning the best record in the NFL. With injuries across the board at almost every position group, including losing fan favorite Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson has used a conventional and aggressive game plan to keep the Eagles competitive. The players are loving the underdog status, going as far as to showing up to games in dog masks (fans are joining in on the fun as well, even causing Amazon to sell out of dog masks!). With a defensive line as deep as they can get, and a running game ready to carry the offense, this Eagles team is ready to deliver the city of brotherly love it’s first Super Bowl title.

With a backup QB running the Eagles offense, running backs traded for mid-season starting, ex-Patriot players now playing for the Eagles, a 40-year-old Tom Brady playing like he’s 30, so many storylines can be made regarding this years Super Bowl matchup. The media surely will try to cover them all and have their fun with it. As fans, there’s only one that we’re really paying attention to. Eagles Vs Patriots! Underdogs vs The Dynasty! This coming February 4th, the Philadelphia Eagles will try to win their first Lombardi trophy and prevent Brady from winning his 6th in what could possibly be the best rematch thus far of the 21st Century!

Grab your popcorn, this one is going to be fun to watch!

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