Josh Rosen Pick Brings Financial Flexibility

Steve Keim is not antithetic to profitable a reward for quarterbacks, as a Cardinals’ ubiquitous manager gladly non-stop a check book for maestro Carson Palmer until he late and afterwards chased Kirk Cousins in giveaway group this offseason.

Even so, Keim has always dreamed of nabbing a gifted signal-caller in a breeze since of a substantial upside it offers.

Not usually can a immature arm keep a group rival for years on end, a initial half-decade of his career comes during a substantial discount. The rookie agreement scale keeps a salaries of immature players good subsequent marketplace value. Every impact rookie is a bargain, though nothing some-more so than quarterbacks, a many profitable position on a field.

On Thursday, Keim got his man, relocating adult 5 spots to name UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen with a No. 10 altogether pick. Over a subsequent 4 seasons, Rosen will cost an normal of $4.4 million per year on a income cap. Compare that to Cousins, a climax valuables of a giveaway representative class, who will accept $28 million per year over a subsequent 3 from a Vikings.

Cousins has proven himself on a NFL level, and Minnesota was so tighten to a Super Bowl final year that a pierce done sense. But it can be argued a Cardinals are indeed improved off by descending brief in a Cousins sweepstakes since of a financial coherence that formula if Rosen pans out.

“What do we meant ‘if’ he does?” Keim deadpanned, before acknowledging a high-risk, high-reward inlet of a choice. “If he doesn’t, we competence not be here.”

There were 5 quarterbacks taken in a initial round, and story insists not all of them will live adult to that billing. The ones that don’t will force their teams behind to a sketch board. The ones that do will set their franchises on a earnest trajectory.

The new past is a good example. The Eagles changed adult to a No. 2 mark in a 2016 breeze to take Carson Wentz. He is a budding star and total to have a group in row for a foreseeable future. But even when Wentz went down with a ripped ACL final year, a sputter outcome of his bonus agreement paid off.


The Eagles were means to secure a top-flight backup in Nick Foles with a additional money, as good as arrange a low and gifted roster. Foles was named Super Bowl MVP after heading a Eagles to a 41-33 win over a Patriots and was buoyed by an glorious descent line, using diversion and defense.David Johnson, defensive finish Markus Golden and linebacker Deone Bucannon among them – on failing contracts, and if Rosen is a starting quarterback in 2019, a group will be in good top figure to make any moves it considers prudent.

“It is everything,” Keim pronounced of a quarterback on a rookie deal. “We have talked about it over and over, that it is a large pizza cake and there are usually so many slices to go around. There are a series of NFL teams that have shown a ability to spend income in other areas” since of a rookie quarterback’s presence.


The gravy sight won’t final forever, as a fifth-year choice increases a income – despite still during a bonus – and a market-value prolongation would afterwards beckon.

“Eventually, if he is good enough, we are going to have to compensate a piper,” Keim said.

That’s a good problem to have, and one that won’t need to be resolved for a half-decade. Meanwhile, the Cardinals are removing a encouraged Rosen, who suspicion he should have been taken within a initial 3 picks of a draft. The pairing has through-the-roof potential.

“I wish to win Super Bowls for a Arizona Cardinals,” Rosen said. “I consider over time that will work. That will happen.”

With an affordable rookie agreement in tow, there is no improved time than now.

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