Early Bird Report 5/16: Calvin Ridley’s track to a NFL; Panthers sole to David Tepper

Calvin Ridley has put in to strech a NFL as good as a Panthers finalizing terms to sell authorization to David Tepper.





ESPN: Falcons rookie Calvin Ridley on right track to NFL success

Several NFL Draft experts trust a Falcons landed a best receiver entrance out of college with a No. 26 collect in April, and there’s copiousness of reason for fans to be vehement about a further of Calvin Ridley to a offense.

At Alabama, Ridley displayed well-developed route-running, good top-end speed and won matchups opposite destiny NFL cornerbacks. Ridley has a collection to attain in a NFL, though he contingency continue to work on his skills and learn from those around him to maximize his potential.

To settle what it is that creates Ridley such a gifted receiver, ESPN’s Vaughn McClure spoke with former Alabama far-reaching receivers manager Billy Napier and Keary Colbert, a former NFL receiver and descent researcher for a Crimson Tide.

“First of all, we consider it’s critical to comprehend that Calvin is a product of a ton of tough work,” Napier told McClure. “This man is a untiring worker. And, in my opinion, a good track curtain has to have good courtesy to fact and have to be peaceful to deposit a time. Certainly, Calvin was one of those forms of guys.”

Ridley’s courtesy to fact was apparent after his really initial rookie minicamp use with a Falcons. When vocalization with a media, he explained that he felt he was personification a small too quick and wanted to concentration on negligence things down both mentally and physically.

Colbert helped Ridley spin that courtesy to fact into success on Saturday’s. While stability to rise a well-honed arsenal of moves as a route-runner, Ridley worked with Colbert to investigate his opponents any week to find tendencies, a use that is peerless in a NFL.

“He has an ability to make each track demeanour like a go track with his speed, knee expostulate and arm action,” Colbert told McClure. “He has a good ability to stop on a dime and transition in and out of his breaks. He also has good physique control and suddenness. He has a knack for lulling DBs to nap and afterwards using right by them. Another thing that sets him detached is that he loves to practice. Practice is not a duty for Calvin. He loves perfecting his craft.”

To check out a rest of McClure’s square on Ridley, click here.

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NFL.com: Panthers finalize terms to sell authorization to David Tepper

Pending capitulation by a league’s owners in subsequent week’s open meetings, sidestep account manager David Tepper will strictly turn a new owners of a Carolina Panthers.

Tepper purchased a Panthers this week for around $2.2 billion in cash(!), environment a record for a largest cost tab of an NFL franchise. According to NFL.com’s Jody Battista, Tepper has been a tip choice among several of a owners since of his projected $11 billion net value and a time he spent as a minority owners with a Pittsburgh Steelers, definition he’s already been vetted by a NFL.

“I am anxious to have been comparison to be a subsequent owners of the Carolina Panthers,” Tepper pronounced in a statement. “I have schooled a good understanding about a village and a group over a past several months and demeanour brazen to apropos partial of a Carolinas. we wish to appreciate Jerry Richardson and a other Panthers partners for all they have finished to settle and rise a NFL in a Carolinas. It has been a conspicuous 25-year tour and we guarantee to build on the Panthers’ success on a margin and in a community.”

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