Price dais dire playbook

Billy Price has been sidelined, though not really.

Rookie core Billy Price, a Bengals’ No. 1 pick, isn’t scheduled to make a snap until training stay though he’s already creation an impact.

After hooking on as one of a 3 attendance players that survived final weekend’s rookie minicamp, Oklahoma State core Brad Lundblade saluted Price for assisting him out with a playbook while he finished a infancy of a snaps.Austin Fleer of Colorado Mesa, and they non-stop their iPad playbooks as good as their appetites.

“(Price) has finished a good job,” Lundblade said. “It’s been good to work with him a final integrate of days. we feel we’ve grown a good relationship.”

It seemed to be a snap.

Article source: http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Price-bench-pressing-playbook/bd4e36a4-c163-4180-be5d-06c4cef479d2

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