Top Takeaways From Terrell Suggs’ Hour-Long Q&A With Ravens Fans

Terrell Suggs unplugged Tuesday night as a Ravens’ maestro linebacker took questions from PSL season-ticket holders Tuesday night for scarcely an hour.

Suggs is always entertaining, judicious and intelligent – both on gamedays and just in ubiquitous conversation.

Here are some of a tip takeaways from a QA:

On what he would contend if he could go behind in time and speak TO his rookie self:

“Pay attention. Do not take for postulated a people that are in this building. It’s a lot. First thing we would do is whip his [butt]. [I was a] 20-year-old child [who] need his [butt] whupped. we was in a opposite world. we was unequivocally remedial. Ray Lewis, he attempted to learn me so many things. When he was articulate to me, it was like he was vocalization German and French. we couldn’t comprehend. we was like, ‘Look, man, I’m usually here to pass rush.’ He was like, ‘Nah, we don’t breeze usually pass rushers in a initial round. You have to do everything.’”

On what drives him streamer into his 16th NFL season:

“To do it all again. It’s a outing to get to do it all again. we adore personification ball. we adore personification ball. we adore being Sizzle. When a time comes for me to be a full-time dad, full-time actor/writer/director/producer, I’ll do all that. But right now, it’s a Flock. Go Flock.

“To be totally honest with you, we don’t see my rise in my nearby future.”

On a rookie class, generally quarterback Lamar Jackson:

“They have a extensive volume of potential. It’s adult to them to money in on that. They’re usually going to reap a prerogative if they come in and put in a work. If they come in and work to acquire that Ravens decal, a destiny is splendid for them.

“Potential never won a game. It never done a play.”

Michael Crabtree]. we walked in [the locker room] and Jimmy [Smith] and Michael Crabtree were articulate about it. we was like, ‘To be totally honest with you, Michael, it was an uncatchable ball.’ … Definitely, when that round flew over Michael Crabtree’s head, that was my favorite play

“In 2012, going into a playoffs, Jimmy Smith was unequivocally upset. He wanted to play more. He had an adult and down year since he had injuries and all that. … we told him, ‘If we consider we’re not going to need we to win this, you’re mistaken. We’re going to need we to win a Super Bowl.’ And he done a final 3 plays. It’s crazy, it’s like déjà vu.”

On because he picked No. 55:

“I walked into a building and that was a jersey they gave me. There were some other numbers that were accessible that weren’t too flattering. we asked who had 56. They pronounced they didn’t give 56 out to rookies. Ed Hartwell had it. It was a usually good series that was available, so we took it.”

On how he got a nickname “Sizzle”:

“It’s indeed unequivocally funny. My cousin, D’Marr Suggs, played basketball during Idaho State University. And he was a unequivocally good player. They gave him a name ‘D-Sizzle.’ Naturally, with me being during Arizona State and me perplexing to live adult to my large cousin, we hereditary a name ‘T-Sizzle.’”

On who will be this year’s immature defensive dermatitis player:

“Willie ‘Earl’ Henry. He’s going to have a dermatitis year. Tyus Bowser. I’m unequivocally confident about all a immature guys. Peanut, Patrick Onwuasor, Maurice Canady, flattering most all a guys that’s here. The whole group is here. With a new coordinator, we consider all a immature guys are going to have a dermatitis year. It’s going to be a fun year.”

On because he’s vehement about new Defensive Coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale:

“He’s holding a shackles off a guys. Sometimes a actor can be shackled usually by a manners and proportions of a defense. we consider Wink is going to concede us to go make plays and be a fast-moving invulnerability that this city and a fans love. That’s because I’m unequivocally vehement for a season.”

Article source: http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Top-Takeaways-From-Terrell-Suggs-Hour-Long-QA-With-Ravens-Fans/b87a94ab-218a-4174-9967-769ba8ef1ff0

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