NFL Picks Arizona To Host Another Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is entrance behind to Arizona.

NFL owners voted Wednesday during their assembly in Atlanta to reason Super Bowl LVII – a 57th game, hold after a 2022 deteriorate — during University of Phoenix Stadium. Commissioner Roger Goodell pronounced a opinion was unanimous.

“We are anxious by a unanimous vote,” Cardinals group boss Michael Bidwill pronounced in a press discussion in Atlanta. “We demeanour brazen to creation this a many fan-friendly Super Bowl in a story of Super Bowls, and bigger and improved than any Super Bowl.”

It will be a third time a Super Bowl has been hold in a building and a fourth time in Arizona. Super Bowl XXX was hold during Sun Devil Stadium following a 1995 season.

In a press discussion after Wednesday during Paradise Valley’s Sanctuary Resort, Bidwill pronounced a NFL asked for 3 times a eventuality space for Super Bowl LVII than it did for Super Bowl XLIX, a final diversion played in Arizona.

“It’ll be most bigger,” Bidwill said.

The Cardinals will also have finished $100 million in upgrades to University of Phoenix Stadium – upgrades that began dual years ago – by a time a diversion is played.

The NFL has altered a approach it awards Super Bowls. In their prior bids, Arizona’s Super Bowl cabinet combined a display and competed with other cities before a owners would vote. Now, a NFL asks one city if it would wish and is prepared to horde a Super Bowl. If accepted, owners afterwards opinion on that city.

“They altered a process, though we didn’t rest on a laurels,” Bidwill said. “We did not take this for granted. We knew it was invitation-only (for one city), though we still put a best feet forward.”

New Orleans also was selected for a Super Bowl, for a 2023 season.

“It unequivocally is a conspicuous event for a village for us to be means to horde a diversion again,” pronounced Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee authority David Rousseau.

The subsequent 4 Super Bowls had already been set. Super Bowl LIII, after this season, is in Atlanta. Super Bowl LIV, after 2019, is in Miami. Super Bowl LV, after 2020, is in Tampa. Super Bowl LVI, after 2021, will be in a new track in Los Angeles.

“I usually wish to make certain Super Bowl 57 is a home diversion for a Cardinals,” Bidwill pronounced with a grin during an talk with NFL Network. “That’s my goal.”

The prior dual Super Bowls during University of Phoenix Stadium have supposing thespian finishes.

After a 2007 season, a New England Patriots were attempting to go 19-0 on a season, usually to have David Tyree’s helmet-pinning locate and Plaxico Burress’ touchdown locate from Eli Manning late in a diversion tighten out a 17-14 win for a New York Giants.

After a 2014 season, a Seattle Seahawks trailed by 4 during a Patriots’ 1-yard line with reduction than a notation left, though a quip was derailed when cornerback Malcom Butler jumped a track to prevent Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson for a 28-24 win.

The new routine might make it some-more formidable for Arizona to get bids, though Bidwill pronounced a bid will continue to be done to get destiny Super Bowls.

“This is illusory news for a state of Arizona,” Governor Doug Ducey said. “We couldn’t be happier to do this. This is a extensive mercantile impact for a state.”

Article source: http://www.azcardinals.com/news-and-events/article-2/NFL-Picks-Arizona-To-Host-Another-Super-Bowl/2ab3d123-0df1-4ced-8986-e9aa3e87619b

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