Nagy attends Chicago firefighter’s funeral

Bears manager Matt Nagy spent Monday profitable his respects to Chicago Fire Department diver Juan Bucio, who died May 28 while acid for a male who fell into a Chicago River.

Nagy attended Bucio’s wake during St. Rita of Cascia Chapel on Chicago’s South Side, observant that he felt it was “the right thing to do.”

“You remind your players any day of a scapegoat that they’re going by as players,” Nagy said. “It’s a lot of energy, there’s tiredness, there’s feeling contemptible for yourself during times. And we speak about a man like Zach Miller, a man that roughly loses his leg, and there’s sacrifices. So I’m not holding anything divided from a players during all.

“But during a same time we try to put it into viewpoint into somebody that loses their life perplexing to save somebody else. That’s real. That’s usually a tellurian element, a tellurian side of it. There are a lot of guys on a organisation that we talked about that conditions and it’s hard.”

Nagy, who chatted with some members of a Chicago Fire Department who watched an OTA use final week during Halas Hall, felt that it was critical to attend Bucio’s funeral.

Matt Nagy

“This is a city,” Nagy said. “We’re together. This is everybody. This isn’t about a Chicago Bears or a city; this is all of us together and we usually felt it was critical to be means to uncover support from this organization.

“It was a impulse that I’ll never forget, usually to see all a support that he had and his family had. It usually goes to uncover what this city is all about, and everybody most they caring for any other, and how we’re all here for one another. we usually felt that was a right thing to do and I’m really blissful we did it.”

Miller time

Bears coaches and players applauded a classification for signing Miller to a one-year agreement notwithstanding a fact he might never play football again due to a critical leg damage he postulated final deteriorate opposite a Saints.

“Everybody in here that knows Zach knows that he fits all that we’re about,” Nagy told reporters. “A really hapless situation, though things occur for a reason in a lot of cases. He’s had such a good opinion via this whole thing. we know it hurts that right now he’s incompetent to be a partial of it physically, though he’s doing all that he presumably can to be behind to full health.

“Mentally, a chairman that he is, he’s always so positive, so upbeat. You can tell he wants to be out there so bad. We usually suspicion collectively as a organisation here and as an classification that though a doubt this is a right thing to do and it’s a win-win conditions for all parties.”

Veteran defensive finish Akiem Hicks feels that a Bears signing Miller sends a certain summary to a rest of a locker room.

“I am happy that I’m partial of an classification that will take caring of a players,” Hicks said. “That’s what it pronounced to me that they’re peaceful to make certain that we’re all right and give us a event to get improved and usually loyalty. That’s what we saw it as.”

Ideal fit

Miller has remained certain via his ordeal, though he can’t assistance though suppose how he’d perform in a Nagy offense that appears to be ideally matched for a gifted parsimonious end.

“That’s a bittersweet partial of it, saying initial of all how overwhelming manager Nagy is, not usually as a man though his football believe is unbelievable,” Miller said. “He’s really cool, really collected, has a small bit of strut to him, that is usually fun to be around.

“Then we go to a football margin and we demeanour during a intrigue that we have. It would be a lot of fun to be a partial of. It’s not in a cards utterly nonetheless for me to take partial in that, though as we lay and we watch and we see a weapons that we have and what we’ve added, a energetic ability that we have as a common group, [there’s a] certain destiny here and I’m vehement to be a partial of it.”

Article source: http://www.chicagobears.com/news/article-1/Nagy-attends-Chicago-firefighter’s-funeral/0d401e23-5a5a-4baf-8ceb-3f8cd49eb03c

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