More questions about my all-time Falcons team, Steve Sarkisian in Year 2, special teams, more

Welcome to Straight from a ’Beek! We’re days divided from a start of imperative minicamp and we know that means, right? Training stay is right around a dilemma – and you’ve got tons of questions. So, let’s get right to them. Just remember, all opinions here are cave unless remarkable otherwise.

And divided we go.

Flavius from Augusta, GA

Thanks for a event to ask questions of you, ‘Beek. Do we predict a offense creation a composition to Sark’s offense in a identical conform as they did with Shanahan? My regard is that Sark was not unequivocally using his offense per se, yet Shanahan’s offense. What do we cruise will change between Sark-the Shark and a offense to take this group into a Super Bowl and win in Atlanta? One final thing, as tough as people were about Shanahan’s initial year, and about employing Sark, it has been remarkably still over this offseason.

Matt: Hey there, Flavius. we had an event to pronounce with Falcons descent coordinator Steve Sarkisian on Wednesday while he answered questions from a media. Based on what he said, it unequivocally sounds like he’s most some-more gentle with his surroundings, a offense and a crew streamer into his second year. And that done a lot of clarity to me, and it should be enlivening for Falcons fans everywhere. But a one thing that stood out to me was when he talked about carrying a ability to tweak a offense and make changes where he deemed it necessary, generally with a year of knowledge as OC here in Atlanta underneath his belt. That’s big. In box we missed what we wrote  on Sarkisian (you can review a full story here), he said: “Now we can make some of a tweaks that we feel like are indispensable for this offense to continue to grow. I’ve got a unequivocally good bargain of each actor – and a things that they’re unequivocally good at, a things that they maybe need to work on, and things that we would be wrong in putting them in position to do. we cruise all of those things usually puts me during a most opposite turn of comfort, where we usually feel good each day walking in like, ‘OK, this is what we’re going to work on currently given we cruise we can get improved during it. And if we unequivocally wish to run this play, X actor needs to run this play, not this actor given X actor runs it better.’ And that goes a long, prolonged approach when we cruise about it.” Granted it’s early, yet we design a offense in Year 2 underneath Sarkisian to be improved in 2018, Flavius. Thanks for a question, as always.

Chris from Atlanta, GA

Beek, good pursuit with a All-Time Falcons Team and can’t disagree with any of your selections. In new years a bar has been giving a lot some-more approval to players from a early days, and it’s good to see. Can’t disagree with Roddy White’s inclusion – during all – yet my favorite No. 84 stays Alfred Jenkins, who’s mostly ignored as one of a all-time greats of a franchise. He was extraordinary in partial given of his tiny distance – not usually brief yet also slim – yet unusually explosive, fugitive and productive, with a career YPC that we trust still ranks forward of Julio Jones and White. For those that don’t know his extraordinary story as an undrafted tiny college man that attempted out for a WFL and after went to dual Pro Bowls, this AJC square is value a read.  I’d adore to see dual No. 84 jerseys respected during a stadium. He and Roddy are both estimable of that honor. That’s substantially a siren dream, yet any approval we can chuck towards Alfred Jenkins would be deeply appreciated. Thanks – from a 51-year-long Falcons fan!

Matt: Thanks, Chris. You know, when we was opening emails Wednesday morning, we had no thought that we would be formulating my all-time Falcons team. But it was fun putting together, even yet it’s always tough when we have to leave guys off. Based on a greeting from Falcons fans, we devise on putting one of those out each year now. Next year, it will unequivocally be some-more in-depth. we remember saying Alfred Jenkins in Falcons highlights when we was a child flourishing adult in New York. One diversion does hang out – a local turn playoff diversion opposite a Cowboys that was nationally televised. And Jenkins held a 60-yard touchdown from Steve Bartkowski to put a Falcons adult on Dallas. Jenkins had some unequivocally good years with Atlanta, yet usually not adequate to succeed Roddy White from that all-time list. Next time I’ll put together an honest discuss or usually missed list to go with it. Thanks for essay in, Chris.

Julie from Sandy Springs, GA

Our register is in unequivocally good shape. That’s given a usually doubt we have is, who is a favorite for a punt lapse job? Keith Armstrong recently named Hall, Ito, Oliver, Hardy, and a few others as a favorites. we cruise we should start Hall during flog returner for his speed and Ito Smith during punt returner for his agility. What contend you?

Matt: we cruise a register is entrance along and stuffing out nicely. We had an event to pronounce with special teams manager Keith Armstrong on Wednesday and he had some unequivocally engaging and judicious things to contend about special teams, privately some of a new NFL manners and how they’ll impact a kickoff and flog lapse units. One thing we can design is a change to a make-up of those units, privately a kinds of players (positions) you’ll see on those units – Armstrong pronounced to design some-more fullbacks, parsimonious ends and outward linebackers (mid-size players who can run and catch) on a margin more. As distant as a returners go, that’s an ongoing foe right now that will play out by minicamp, training stay and a preseason. We asked Armstrong about who were a favorites right now for flog returner and he rattled off a few names, including Marvin Hall, Justin Hardy, Ito Smith, Isaiah Oliver and Calvin Ridley. Although he did supplement that Ridley was “probably sad thinking” on his part.

Mark from Marietta, GA

Hi, Beek. Hope your damage liberation is going great! One thing we will not do is discuss your tip Falcons players by position. Great selections and interjection for publishing! A integrate of comments. Scott Case honourable yet a inexpensive shot player. That takes divided from his bequest (a la manager Jerry Glanville). What do we and/or a coaches see in left tackle Jake Mathews to put him on a list? Matthews is a actor yet …

Matt: Hey, Mark. Thanks for a kudos, yet it sounds like you’re not too high on Jake Matthews being on this list. we wanted to be certain to cruise former players from prior eras yet not to disremember stream players. And I’ll acknowledge with some of a names on this list, we did some projecting. we could have simply left with Bob Whitfield as one of a tackles. He played with a Falcons from 1992 to 2003 before personification one year in Jacksonville and dual with a Giants. But in 12 seasons with a Falcons, Whitfield started 167 of 178 games and done one Pro Bowl. But we went with Matthews given of his upside and a fact that he’s been an constituent partial of a best offense in authorization story for a final 4 seasons (he’s started each singular diversion given being drafted in a initial turn – sixth altogether – in a 2014 NFL Draft). we knew we competence locate some slam over some of my picks, yet that goes with a territory.

Chris from Brandon, SD

I have seen some highlights of Ito Smith in college and we cruise he has a distance for a unequivocally good using back. we do cruise his class was underrated. Do we agree, and do we cruise Tevin Coleman or Devonta Freeman could presumably get transposed by him?

Matt: Hey, Chris. The Falcons unequivocally like Ito Smith, too – adequate to spend a fourth-round breeze collect on him in a 2018 NFL Draft. Yes, he was unequivocally prolific while during Southern Miss. He’s one of 10 players in NCAA story to finish his career with during slightest 4,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards – he finished his four-year career during Southern Miss with 4,538 yards and 42 touchdowns on a belligerent while averaging 5.5 yards per carry. He also held 140 passes for 1,446 yards and 7 touchdowns. But what matters now is what Smith does in minicamp, training stay and during a preseason. He’ll be means to make an evident impact on special teams and, according to special teams manager Keith Armstrong, Smith is one of a possibilities for a flog lapse pursuit right now. As distant as replacing Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman goes, no. we don’t see that function – not this year. Thanks for your question!



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