I Said It: OTAs Day Eight

Head Coach Adam Gase, using behind Kalen Ballage, defensive tackle Akeem Spence, linebacker Jerome Baker and reserve Walt Aikens addressed a media after a OTA use Tuesday. Here were some comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

“He worked tough to come back, been really prolific this spring.”

— Gase described far-reaching receiver Isaiah Ford’s lapse from a knee damage that cost him his whole 2017 season. Ford had been display guarantee as a rookie seventh-round collect final summer before his deteriorate finished prematurely. Ford is one of many gifted immature far-reaching receivers on a Dolphins roster.

“When he gets relocating down a field, it’s considerable to see given a speed increases really quickly.”

— Gase favourite a downfield ability of rookie parsimonious finish Mike Gesicki, who had a clever day during use Tuesday. Gesicki put adult considerable numbers during Penn State before entrance to a Dolphins as a second-round collect and a wish is he can make an impact in a flitting game.

“I’m training a playbook flattering well, though now it’s focusing on a details.”

— Baker is in a same conditions as each Dolphins rookie perplexing to locate a lot of information fast before going out to use and putting that information to use.

“I‘m famous for coverage, though we feel we can do all we ask me to do.”

— Baker, a third-round collect from Ohio State, is looking to uncover Dolphins coaches he’s a well-rounded linebacker who can assistance in each situation. Baker’s speed is what stands out about his game, though he considers himself a finish linebacker.

“I felt like it was a best approach to give back, me going behind to these internal communities and display these kids that no matter where we are or where you’re from, we can always make it.”

— Aikens talked about his preference to turn a inhabitant orator for a The National Association of Police Athletic/Activities League (PAL), indicating to his appearance in a module as a child in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“This is home. Any other group was only a second choice during that point.”

— Aikens talked about his preference to re-sign with a Dolphins after he became an unlimited giveaway representative in a spring. Aikens will be streamer into his fifth deteriorate with a Dolphins in 2018.

“There’s zero we don’t like about it. It’s a good offense to play in, for sure.”

— Ballage has been perplexing to learn a playbook like each other rookie, though a fourth-round collect from Arizona State has favourite what he’s seen so far.

“When we locate a ball, we wish to make a disproportion in a flitting game.”

— The offense creates good use of a receiving skills of using backs, and that’s something Ballage clearly can minister to a Dolphins. Ballage has shown good hands in a practices open to a media; he also had 62 catches for Arizona State a past dual seasons.

“I’m a quick-twitch guy, we get adult a field, make plays in a backfield.”

— Spence, who addressed a media for a initial time given he was acquired in a trade with a Detroit Lions in early May, supposing a scouting news on himself. Spence came to a Dolphins with 41 starts in 5 NFL seasons, including 11 starts for a Lions in 2017.

“Coach Kris, he’s all about ball. Next to his wife, it’s football. Everything he says, he means well.”

— Spence has been reunited in Miami with his former defensive line manager in Detroit, Kris Kocurek. “Coach Kris,” as Spence referred to him, has fast gained a repute for his power and Spence supposing some discernment as to what the origins competence be.

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