Notebook: Details, Dialogue Important for Install of Vikings Offense

Kirk Cousins and backup Trevor Siemian, both of whom sealed this offseason.

In further to quarterbacks, receivers, using backs, parsimonious ends and descent linemen, many meetings were attended by Mike Zimmer. DeFilippo’s character in those meetings and other conversations has tender Zimmer, a conduct manager pronounced Tuesday.

“He’s unequivocally minute and unequivocally ardent about everything,” Zimmer said. “We can have unequivocally open conversations, and he listens to a things that we contend would harm defenses. It’s been unequivocally good. we consider he’s finished a good pursuit with a offense. 

“When we lay in a meetings with them, he does a good pursuit with communicating accurately what he wants,” Zimmer added. “He’s minute with a work, a plays and alignments, all a opposite things that they’re doing. We talked about adding some-more screens, and we ran utterly a few some-more [Tuesday], so that’s been good. It’s unequivocally been seamless.”

The Vikings hold their second of 3 minicamp practices this week on Wednesday and will hang their offseason module on Thursday.

Marcus Sherels has cemented himself as arguably a tip punt returner in history. He has group annals for punt lapse yards (2,171) and touchdowns (five). 

Sherels also has returned kickoffs in his career. This offseason, Sherels has had association in a form of first-round collect Mike Hughes

Hughes returned 20 kickoffs a sum of 635 yards, holding dual all a approach behind for scores and ranking fourth in FBS with an normal of 31.8 yards per runback in 2017 during UCF. He also returned 14 punts for 233 yards and a score. 

“I consider they’re both going to contest for both [spots],” Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer said. “I consider we need to have during slightest dual guys behind there competing.” 

Priefer pronounced that Hughes is “very healthy throwing a ball” on kickoffs and has “come a prolonged approach given rookie minicamp” on punts.

“He’s never unequivocally been taught how to lane a punt, how to locate a punt,” Priefer said. “We do a lot of film work, a lot of tighten adult film work that we go over with Mike and all a returners for that matter, to try to file those skills. He’s finished a unequivocally good job. He’s come a prolonged way. He’s a good athlete, a quick learner, a sky is a extent for Mike. we consider he’s going to be a unequivocally good returner on both punts and kickoffs.”

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