Bucs’ Marko Myers Blazing a Trail for His School and Himself

The many distinguished ball actor ever to come out of a jaunty module during Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida is Dee Gordon, now a base-stealing second basemen for a Seattle Mariners. The many distinguished football actor to arise from a Southeastern module is … to be determined.

It might be Marko Myers who eventually provides a finish to that sentence, though during this indicate Myers is still a relations opposite fighting for a regular-season register mark with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s an undrafted rookie who tender adequate on a audition agreement in a Buccaneers’ rookie stay to acquire a agreement and a shot during training camp. He’s also a rather small dilemma (5-10, 185) who had a array of interceptions during a team’s 3 weeks of OTA practices.

In short, he’s a lot like many of a other immature players on a 90-man roster, operative tough to learn a playbook and perplexing to make a certain clarity now and then.

Except Myers is distinct many of his immature teammates in one way, as he has a possibility to fire a route for his school, that has never before seen one of a possess go on to play in a NFL. There’s a elementary reason for this: Five years ago, there was no Southeastern football program.

Myers was one of a school’s strange recruits in 2013 as it built a football group from a belligerent up. The Fire didn’t play in 2013 as they put their group together from an strange pool of 100 recruits, and they had conjunction a home margin or their possess use trickery during that to work. They employed a circuitously center propagandize and, during times, a grassy fields of Bonny Park nearby a Southeastern campus. Myers and his associate 2013 start-up players – of whom usually 11 would finish adult personification a Fire’s full initial 4 seasons – came to be famous as a Bonny Park Boys.

Myers chose Southeastern since he had few other options and he favourite a school’s Christian underpinnings. He had eliminated high schools before his comparison year and was so incompetent to play football as a senior, that in spin led to a miss of courtesy from colleges. Southeastern was tighten to his home, and he determined a recommendation of his grandma, Minnie Davis, to give it a shot.

“Once it was time to go to college we didn’t have any offers, so it finished clarity to go to a propagandize where we could acquire a grant genuine quick, afterwards get on a team,” pronounced Myers. “Being a Christian, that was a plain substructure as well.”

This spring, Southeastern far-reaching receiver LaQuvionte Gonzalez sealed with a Los Angeles Rams as an undrafted giveaway agent, violence Myers to a NFL by a integrate weeks. Gonzalez’s conditions was a bit different, however, as he usually eliminated to Southeastern final year after formerly attending Texas AM and Kansas. Even if that’s bursting hairs, a bigger esteem still stays for both of them, possibly of whom could be initial to indeed see movement in an NFL regular-season game.

“It’s important,” pronounced Myers of a possibility to breeze a route for his school. “It’s all about your bequest and what we leave behind. Every day adds to that and we try to stay focused so that when it’s all pronounced and finished all is partial of a good story.

“It’s usually another thing that we can move with me, to motivate me. we can do this for a teammates that we played with. It’s adult to me to quarrel by a ups and downs, make certain I’m pulling hard, going tough no matter what.”

Myers is removing his shot since a Buccaneers had a director during a Southeastern Fire Pro Day during Victory Field in April, where Myers ran a 40-yard lurch in 4.4 seconds and incited in a straight jump of 33 inches. That got him an entice to a team’s rookie camp, where Buccaneer coaches saw him for a initial time.

“I’ll be honest, we didn’t even know about his college,” pronounced Secondary Coach Jon Hoke. “One of a scouts showed me a fasten and we pronounced that he should unequivocally be a audition guy. He’s not unequivocally big, though he is unequivocally quick, he’s bomb and he’s fast. It’s interesting.”

The Buccaneers struggled mightily in pass coverage final deteriorate and as such used a breeze to supplement 3 new defensive backs, including dual second-round cornerbacks in M.J. Stewart and Carlton Davis. They also re-signed Brent Grimes and are awaiting bigger things out of 2016 first-round collect Vernon Hargreaves, maybe as a full-time actor in a slot. There is utterly a bit of foe during that position appearing in training camp, that is since a group usually felt a need to pointer one undrafted rookie dilemma this year.

That said, it is formidable to favour and keep good cornerback depth, and a Buccaneers are always on a hunt for talent during that position. Myers’ common football credentials doesn’t unequivocally matter to a group if he can infer he belongs on this level. He’s off to a good start with those dash plays in OTAs.

“So far, all is entrance together,” pronounced Myers. “It’s been day-by-day for me. It’s high-speed, high-tempo, though I’m training a plays as they come to me. Every day I’m removing good knowledge out here and removing a possibility to get improved during this level.

“I wouldn’t contend it’s been ‘overwhelming,’ though it’s challenging, yes. You get challenged each day out here since a lot of people know what they’re doing already. Me being a newcomer, we have to collect it adult and locate adult to a speed and play good during a same time. It’s been a fun challenge.”

The thing about those interceptions in May and Jun is that coaches aren’t expected to remember them in a dog days of training camp. Myers found an surprising approach to extend his football personification days into college, holding partial in a initial construction of a new college program. He found a approach to get his feet in a NFL’s doorway by creation a many of a audition agreement with a Buccaneers, and he’s solidified his stay mark with a good open and early summer.

Now he’ll try to find a approach to make Southeastern story and be a initial Fire actor to enclose an NFL jersey in a unchanging season. The pivotal isn’t to collect off a pass each now and then, it’s to consistently be where’s ostensible to be, snap after snap.

“If you’re plain and you’re doing what you’re ostensible to do, a plays are going to come,” pronounced Myers. “So that’s what we concentration on. we concentration on being in a right position and removing a right discernment from my coaches to make certain I’m where I’m ostensible to be to assistance a team. Once you’re in position, we can make a play.”

Now Myers is in position to fire a new trail, for him and his college program.

Article source: http://www.buccaneers.com/news/article-smith/Bucs-Marko-Myers-Blazing-a-Trail-for-His-School-and-Himself/4ca11b6a-2cae-449b-ae3e-0ed7cfc64b7e

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