Falcons minicamp takeaways: Offense rises to coaches challenge; Kurt Benkert closes strong

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – The Falcons wrapped adult their second day of Minicamp Built by The Home Depot Wednesday, and they have usually one some-more use left before a summer mangle until training stay begins.


Falcons conduct manager Dan Quinn was again gratified with his team’s bid on a field, explaining that they softened in a areas they had been challenged on their initial day of minicamp practice.

Here are some of a categorical takeaways and other observations from a Falcons’ minicamp event on Wednesday.

Rookie CB Oliver already creation an sense

In his initial few full-team practices, rookie cornerback Isaiah Oliver has already finished a clever sense on his teammates. Starting reserve Ricardo Allen praised Oliver for both his majority and earthy ability following practice.

“He’s new, though he’s genuine mature,” Allen said. “He and we were partners when we were doing a mentoring group, he was my mentee. So, we got to speak to him a lot. He’s unequivocally mature, and he’s genuine smart. And he’s most faster than we even suspicion he was; he can run with any far-reaching receiver.”

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Ryan to horde a flitting stay with teammates, including Jones

As he’s finished a past dual years, quarterback Matt Ryan will horde an off-site flitting stay for during slightest a dozen Falcons players. Among those Ryan expects to be in assemblage are star receiver Julio Jones and using behind Devonta Freeman.

“We have a organisation of guys that are going to get together in a month of July,” Ryan said. “We’ll have an extended duration where we’ll get some work together and that’s something that we’ve finished in a past. This year is a small bit after due to my offseason though we’ll still have that possibility to work together and we consider it will be unequivocally prolific for us. This timing will be unequivocally good too, closer to training camp. A lot of a things we’ll work on will lift over and we’ll be means to request those things as we get into a season.”

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Quinn fervent to uncover appreciation, thankfulness on Iraq trip

The Falcons will be a usually NFL group to make a USO debate this summer, roving to Iraq to revisit active avocation members during 3 troops bases. On a trip, Quinn will be assimilated by kicker Matt Bryant, ensure Ben Garland and core Alex Mack.

“There’s a series of use group and women there that we usually wish them to know that we’re unequivocally meditative of them,” Quinn said. “We wanted to make certain we saw them where they were during and let them know how critical they are.”

To hear some-more about what Quinn is awaiting from a trip, click here.

Offense responded with improved display Wednesday

After Wednesday’s practice, Quinn pronounced he was gratified with a approach a Falcons’ offense responded after a coaching staff wasn’t happy with “the courtesy for a ball,” that radically means they felt a offense had too many turnovers and drifting plays. One day after a invulnerability was “hawking it,” however, a offense finished a good understanding some-more plays with fewer mistakes.

On 3 uninterrupted plays, Reggie Davis, Marvin Hall and Christian Blake finished catches for a good cube of yardage. The offense also achieved good in a red-zone apportionment of practice, nonetheless a starting delegate looked unequivocally liquid in flitting off their assignments to one another in coverage – another vigilance that a flourishing knowledge bodes good for that unit.

Benkert demeanour pointy in final possession

Rookie quarterback Kurt Benkert threw a severe interception down nearby a finish section about mid by practice, though he responded in clever fashion. The Falcons finished use with a cavalcade that unnatural a final expostulate with 35 seconds on a time and minimal timeouts with a offense wanting a touchdown to win. In that drill, Benkert looked sharp.

The University of Virginia product threw a clever pass on an out track to a sideline that was hauled in by rookie receiver Devin Gray, who finished an considerable fingertip squeeze on a play. On a indirect snap, Benkert threw another good round over dual defenders, one leaping, to find his dictated receiver in a behind of a finish section for a touchdown.

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