Season Ticket Member of a Month – June

Season Ticket Member of a Month – June

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June 13, 2018 – 3:24 pm

On Sunday mornings during 7 a.m., Anne Sischo and her father expostulate an hour and a half to New Era Field from Jamestown, New York, where they spend all day tailgating and even have elaborate dinners with 50 to 60 other Bills fans. Shortly after they arrive, Sischo greets her friends with homemade cookies that she bakes for any game. Sischo and her father tailgate until a group starts warming up, that is when they conduct to their seats to spend time with friends who’ve incited into family. This slight might feel informed to a Sischo family since they have been creation a outing for a past 27 years.

She explained, “We know everybody in a territory so it’s like entrance behind to family. It’s good to see everybody and speak about their lives.”

They suffer a association of their friends in a stands, as good as on a field. Since their seats are in a initial row, they have come to know a camera organisation as well. They have been featured on radio and in commercials many times and always get their photos taken. The Sischo twin truly feels during home when entrance to Orchard Park.

However, a memories they’ve done during Bills games extend distant over a movement on a field. The Bills are a outrageous partial of a family’s life and something they have always looked brazen to. Sischo stressed this significantly when she explained that she is a breast cancer survivor. During her bold conflict with a disease, Sischo, who had slight diagnosis appointments on Thursdays, still attended games on Sundays.

“It would assistance me get by everything, it was unequivocally a good thing to demeanour brazen to,” she said.

It’s things like this that make being a Bills Season Ticket Member so beguiling for Sischo. Last year, she was respected on a margin as a breast cancer survivor. Of course, Sischo also likes regulating her Bills Bucks Card, that gives her a bonus during The Bills Store. However, a many suggestive perk of being a Season Ticket Member is her understanding and dedicated comment representative.

The Buffalo Bills would like to appreciate Anne for her many years of being a constant Bills Season Ticket Member and a Season Ticket Member of a Month for a month of June. In further to Anne being comparison as a Season Ticket Member of a Month, she will accept a bar chair upgrade, an autographed object and name Bills merchandise.

If we would like to commission a Season Ticket Member of a Month, greatfully fill out a form located here.

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